#1 “Tweet Novel” ‘LIARS…the News Industry’

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“Twitter Novel” of LIARS the News Industry! announcement.

Now, read the drama on when and how the liberals lose their monopoly over the news industry as tweets in pics. Experimental…not sure if it can be pulled off…going to give it a shot anyway…it might just work!  I’m running the novel under Twitter hashtag #NewsLIARS.  Link to download the novel in its entirety in any format: LIARS the News Industry

Prologue ‘Appetite Grows’

WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia!, a free e-novel, can be downloaded in a variety of formats from Smashwords.com, or you can take a gander at my experiment in ‘tweet noveling where I employ ‘text’ within ‘offbeat pictures’ to overcome the 140 character barrier of Twitter.

Now you can hear the resplendent novel, either here (below) on this page, or at SoundCloud direct (See sidebar link).  Either read, or listened to, this satire on liberalism is bound to leave you spellbound and wondering just what must those morons be thinking! That is, unless you are a liberal, which goes without saying, you won’t get it – otherwise…enjoy!

To listen while on the go, SoundCloud apps are available and free for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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