Short Story: Joe-Bob, Garbage Collector

Destiny brings together a garbage man and a team of rogue, Arizona State Troopers, both of which have a singular purpose: to prevent English from totally disappearing in New Hampshire.

Moonbats IMG_0865Garbage man, Joe-Bob, is sickened by what he has to listen to everyday, on the radio, the television, from most everyone he has to attempt to understand. Today’s American lingo is the bane of intelligent conversation, it can only be understood by the country’s growing majority; men, women, and those in-between who are overrunning the school system, politics and the courts.

Joe-Bob has had enough of the bullshit and responds by taking his garbage truck to Washington and dumping it on the Capitol steps.  The unfair media coverage he gets unwittingly makes him the spokesman for those Americans who still want to speak English!

Six Arizona State Troopers see Joe-Bob on television, while at a donut shop, while they’re supposed to be on duty, and decide to join his cause. They, too, are tired of the bullshit of trying to understand the people they arrest.  They’re also tired of seeing judges, who make little to no sense when they talk, undermine their attempts to uphold the law.  But, what can they do?  Become Joe-Bob’s body guard?  Become linguist activists, too?

…to be continued.

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