Book: Barbarian King

Barbarian King Coverpage

A non-cerebral satire combining the look and feel of Robert E. Howard’s ‘Conan’ works, today’s progressives, the ridiculousness of ‘Idiocracy.’ 
It all begins in a contemporary setting, a political retreat on the remote Cumberland Island in southeast Georgia. The president and presidential candidate, find themselves lost and alone together, during a year when the planets are aligned in a rare ‘Cosmic Singularity’…within the newly relabeled Bermuda Quadrangle. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the two are whisked away unharmed by a tornado, to another place, to another dimension, to another existence where primitive cultures live. O Bárbaro is recognized by one faction of primitives as their leader.
Barbarian King
ISBN-13: 978-1546789734
ISBN-10: 1546789731
BISAC: Humor / Form / Parodies

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