Book: LIARS – The News Industry

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Traditional America is under attack and has been since the turn of the 19th Century.  A handful of socialists families – their beliefs, their views of what the country should become, have been slowly changing the country – they are very close to succeeding.

Billionaire, Dr. Victor Magnason, has six years left to live, his last dream…to leave behind a conservative news empire called Magnason Enterprise News Network (MENN). Victor sees a major conservative competitor as the only means of saving the country, from a corrupt media, from radicals who would move the country toward European socialism.  The threat posed by the three publishing families is real, Americans need to know the truth, before it is too late.

Victor’s plans call for a revolutionary news service, one that undermines the brick and mortar operations of the publishers and crushes them under the weight of the very monuments built to satiate their massive egos. Victor predicts the media establishment will go the way of the dinosaurs, overnight.

The publishers discover Victor’s plan, the news barons understand the threat he poses and react quickly. The publishers’ puppets have taken control of Congress, their handpicked man will soon be sitting in the White House. When that happens, Victor will be stopped in his tracks because the publishers know his Achilles Heal, he needs a free and open internet to succeed.

The Special Activities Division is a covert, paramilitary asset on call by one man, the President of the United States. Director, Derrick Mitchum is aware of what happens when a liberal is in the White House. The Director, however, has never seen anything like the sort of man he is about to serve.

Derrick sends his best team on one last mission under the outgoing president, their position, however, is compromised by the incoming administration as part of a political agenda to defeat the Republican Party, once and for all. Derrick learns of the conspiracy from an unlikely source, Victor Magnason, as it hatches. Victor is desperate to see his vision come true. The Director and his team will go rogue rather than knowingly walk into the trap laid by the new administration. Only one thing stands in the way of both parties exposing the sordid truth. Only one violent act will make everything right.

Novel: LIARS – The News Industry
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Amazon; 2nd edition (September, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1503002500
ISBN-13: 978-1503002500
BISAC: Fiction / Alternative History
. . . .

Review: “Great book! Even though the author classifies this is as fiction, make no mistake. There are facts in here. Also there are familiar players in here (renamed of course). Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and even John McCain… all present and accounted for. What is fiction is what happens… very enjoyable read! It should be a wake up call for (those) who still think US News sources like CNN and MSNBC are ‘unbiased.’”

Audio – 1st half using Jeffrey, Neospeech Brit


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