WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia!

“Seriously! Hilarious read, hopefully no one in any way connected to our current liberal legislatures reads this! Too many frighteningly “good” ideas for them to enact! Great piece of political satire, strikes too close to home, at times though…Scary but so true of some of the “unintended consequences” of our liberal doctrinaires wish to put forth. Should be required reading in every Political Fundamentals 101 course. In some ways this is scarier than Orwell’s 1984!”

By 2050 the country has gone through some changes thanks to a slight shift in the makeup in the country’s populace giving progressives control over the country.  The veritable paradise progressives have long sought to create, but more resembling a third-world, banana republic where English is replaced by twenty-five variations of gang slang, no one gets beyond third grade, rioting and something resembling football with hockey sticks are the national pastimes. There is now a “Forever President,” welfare moms have replaced small business, corn is the cornerstone of industry, and people drive around in either battery-powered, bubble cars, or Latino low-riders.

WTF! This Is A Liberal Utopia! is available as an ebook at a variety of book sites, including: Smashwords  Amazon.

Title: WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia!
Paperback: 262 page
Publisher: 1st edition (August 26, 2013); 2nd edition (February 26, 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 1492193054 ISBN-13: 978-1492193050


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