Book: Barbarian King

Barbarian King Coverpage

One of the most bizarre tales ever put to paper—the story of a swashbuckler, a woman of rare beauty and a weird, prehistoric world inhabited by the most peculiar race of cannibals ever spawned.

The stone age kingdoms clashed in endless bloody raids upon one another, all the while a legend persisted, the legend of a strange man who would come falling from the sky, a strange man who would unite the tribes, bring peace and death to their real foes.

There were vast regions of unexplored territory to conquer with uncivilized kingdoms, though enormous in extent, occupied a comparatively small strip of land between a vast ocean and impenetrable wall of mountains. The Yak Clan was the northern most kingdom of this world, the Quack Clan the middle most, and the Waqophs Clan the southern most. These were apish peoples who were uncultured, prehuman in nature and practiced cannibalism and loathed those across the mountains where lived another race. Humanlike, mysterious, but not cannibals, they were a race the Yaks, Quacks and Waqophs confronted throughout time and usually with disastrous results. They were the cannibals sworn enemy, the ButtShoo.

Hither came the President, black haired, sullen eyed, a large headed driver in hand; a thief, a plunderer, a slayer of all that was not ‘Fair and Nice’ with titanic voice and not so small ears, to stomp the living daylights out of anyone who opposed him under the cleats of his black and white tasseled Oxford golf shoes.

Barbarian King – this historic tale now begins!

Barbarian King
ISBN-13: 978-1546789734
ISBN-10: 1546789731
BISAC: Humor / Form / Parodies

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