WTF! This Is A Liberal Utopia!

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Suddenly awakening from a coma, liberal English Professor Felix Schwartz discovers the country has gone through some notable changes during his three-decades-long nap. Tommy ‘the hillbilly’ is a Mob Traffic Controller, someone who monitors the new national pastime of rioting.  Gertrude is your typical housewife in 2050: unmarried in the traditional sense, living in a trailer with sixteen kids, she spends her days watching the Jerry Springer Jr. show.  All three lives intersect with one another in this dramatic tale of an American some might say has gone off the rails.


Barbarian King

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He’s got a bronze new body with muscles all over the place, but the problem is the former President still has those same skinny legs, those same big ears, and that untamed narcissistic personality.  Still, he is a standout for the apish primitives he discovers in a totally new dimension. If you like a fun, thrilling adventure with the former President, along with a partner he can’t stand (or can he?), bringing more ‘hope and change’ to a new group of people, then you’ll love this long-in-the-tooth tale.

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  1. Review of WTF? This is a Liberal Utopia!

    Seriously! Hilarious read, hopefully no one in any way connected to our current liberal legislatures reads this! Too many frighteningly “good” ideas for them to enact! Great piece of political satire, strikes too close to home, at times though…Scary but so true of some of the “unintended consequences” of our liberal doctrinaires wish to put forth. Should be required reading in every Political Fundamentals 101 course. In some ways this is scarier than Orwell’s 1984!

  2. Bravo.. I just finished LIARS and could not put it down. Brilliant weaving of fiction with actual (renamed) characters that we all know and hate.. I am looking forward to reading WTF.

  3. I have taken the liberty of posting Frank Lee’s review of LIARS…it is as follows:

    Review by: Frank Lee on July 22, 2014 :
    Great book! Even though the author classifies this is as fiction, make no mistake. There are facts in here. Also there are familiar players in here (renamed of course). Barack Obama, Hitlery Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and even John McCain… all present and accounted for. What is fiction is what happens… very enjoyable read! It should be a wake up call for dum dums who still think US News sources like CNN and MSNBC are “unbiased”.

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