About Me

cropped-cropped-2002_fbt3_self_portraits_frank-copy.jpgI decided to write a novel, or two, or three a half-a-century ago when I accidentally discovered I might have the penchant for putting pen to paper.  I began writing in earnest in 2011 with my first novel, LIARS the News Industry; a hard look at our liberal-dominated media and what really unfolds behind the scenes in their ivory towers.  My second book and third books, WTF! This Is a Liberal Utopia! and Barbarian King respectively, are both satires on liberalism.

WTF! This Is a Liberal Utopia! is a look at a Ivy League college professor who suddenly wakes from a coma in the year 2050 to discover he and his fellow compatriots have really succeeded in taking control of the country. Talk about more than a few of those unexpected consequences to have come about thanks to their genius programs and terrific theories.

Barbarian King stars our fearless President – Barack Obama, who awakens to discover he has been given a new crusade, a crusade to to bring ‘new’ hope and ‘new’ change to a hereto unknown group of liberal primitives…in a 5th, or 6th Dimension. Marvel in the exploits of the former president as he bashes in skulls, bites off ears and slashes his way through jungles with his oversized ladies driver.

I hope you enjoy one, or all of them, as much as I have had putting them to paper.