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Conservative Wordsmither came to me when I finally finished writing one, make that two, no make that three books, books you would not find in book stores or in the publishing world writ large.  It all started fifty years ago when I discovered I might have the penchant for putting pen to paper in 8th grade English.  Decades later I began doodling during my stint as a stay-at-home dad and with the loving support of my wife I began writing in earnest in 2011.  I published LIARS the News Industry in 2014, a critical drama about the mainstream media.  I followed up with WTF! This Is a Liberal Utopia! the same year, a satirical spoof on the unintended consequences of liberalism, and then The Barbarian King in 2016, a meme-like portrayal of the 44th President.

Early on I decided to take some advice from Stephen King.  One, I needed to write first and foremost for myself, with my obvious conservative leanings.  His second bit of advice, rewrite everything to please some liberal book publisher.  I discarded that piece of shitty advice and instead have gone my on way, but first a little background as to how I came up with the ideas for the books.

My sojourn involved some historical research where I discovered some interesting facts surrounding the news industry that helped provide the subject matter for LIARS.  The most interesting discovery was that up to the turn of the 20th Century the news coverage on a whole had been both fair and balanced.  Hundreds of independently owned newspapers dominated the landscape.  There was choice.  Newspapers promoted news favorable to their owners, the publishers.  It goes without saying, to do otherwise meant you would be fired, which is as true today as it was then.

The question of how we had arrived in such a different place today came during the beginning of the 20th Century.  A rapid trend toward consolidation had occurred when the hundreds of newspapers were gobbled up, or merged into the hands of a few wealthy businessmen.  The major sticking point in all this was that most of them identified as Progressives, a polite way of saying socialists.  Newspapers, like The New York Times, went from being conservative publications to the liberal rags of today, but things had not gone smoothly for the new owners.  Subscriptions and soon advertising began dropping off as subscribers found their enlightened, collective agendas unpalatable.  Their response was not what most would expect, to balance out their coverage for greater appeal, instead they created the illusion of credibility by building institutions that were said to teach ethics and fairness in the field of journalism.  The first of these to emerge was at Columbia University and many more would follow.

Todays journalists, anchors editors and publishers are products of these liberal institutions, educated in the arts of subterfuge and propaganda.  Most carry a deep seated resentment for half of all Americans.  For over a century they have been calling the shots, but the times are changing. 

Liberals and many of the crazy ideas they promote need criticism, especially in their hallowed hall of publishing.  In the past I spent little to no time promoting my works, but now something is in the wind.  The advent of ChatGPT, new ownership of Twitter, the collapse Facebook all bode well for my chances to make an impact, I have decided to reenter the fray.  

As of February 2023 all books are being cajoled into audio versions.  I am the Conservative Wordsmither, going where most beta-male writers fear to go.

LIARS the News Industry

Billionaire Victor Magnason had just six years to live, he knew the three news empires were close to succeeding in their aims. For more than a century three families controlled the news as Americans knew it and through that power they held sway over both political parties, one which needed them to obtain and hold power, the other who cowered under their relentless attacks.  The country would forever change if the the three moguls succeeded. Victor understood this to be the case, it was why his new brainchild had to work.  It might be Americas last chance.

WTF! This Is a Liberal Utopia!

Progressives had succeeded.  America had finally become the enlightened utopia they had all long dreamed of, well save for Professor Felix Schwartz.  For thirty years the Ivy League Professor lived as if one of the walking dead, in a near vegetative oblivion.  It just was not fair.  Schwartz needed something to bring him back to the world of the thinking, he needed to see what he and his brethren had done.  Schwartz needed a miracle, another knock to the head.

Barbarian King

What would happen if a retiring Democrat President found himself in the Bermuda Triangle with his replacement, then get suddenly sucked up and whisked away to another land reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz; a dimension where primitive man-like creatures reigned, where his strange appearance and golf shoes led the primates to believe him a God; a being come to unite the them and vanquish their enemy.  You would have yourself a Barbarian King, that was saying a lot of, “Hope and change.”