WTF! Satire on Liberalism hits 1,100 Downloads

Frank Thompson, WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia‘Underground’ fiction novel WTF! THIS IS A LIBERAL UTOPIA! has hit 1,100 downloads since first released in late 2014.  See what the publishers don’t want you reading.

The review by Bob Buchanan best sums up what you too might find while leafing through this vision into tomorrow’s utopian America.  Bob begins his review by using one of the new confounded dialects Americans use in place of English in the year 2050.  I’ve taken the liberty to tweak it a bit to make it more accurate sounding.

“Can I aks yous a kwes-son?  Don’t go in bidness, you end up writn legislazzon! Yur Congossmn be beatin on ur do…”

“Seriously! Hilarious read, hopefully no one in any way connected to our current liberal legislatures reads this! Too many frighteningly “good” ideas for them to enact!  Great piece of political satire, strikes too close to home, at times though…”

“Scary but so true of some of the “unintended consequences” of our liberal doctrinaires wish to put forth. Should be required reading in every Political Fundamentals 101 course.”

“In some ways this is scarier than Orwell’s 1984!”

Take a look, read the thing, pen a review on this piece of work, but only if you’re a ‘non-liberal,’  por favor.

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