Just why do liberals exist?

Liberals, for lack of a better reason, are basically counter-intuitive boobs whose very existence, consciousness, values and perspectives are abnormal when seen through the prism of the majority. That’s why only twenty-percent of Americans identify themselves as “liberals.”  That’s over sixty-million Americans!  Anyway, there’s no escaping them given their numbers, but it is still hard to believe there could actually be that many.  A good portion of those dullards are probably just gullible simpletons who, like good mind-numbed, automatons, have been drinking the spiked Kool-Aid for far too long, lost too many brain cells, will never come back down to earth.  For such goofballs, they often find comfort by being with those who share their absurd theories creating bonds through their shared understandings providing the social cohesion they need to remain solidified in their worlds of “counter-reality,” like those in the news industry.

To be continued…


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