Star Spangled Awesome?

American FlagIn the United States (U.S.), perception is, in part, organized around the master narrative of exceptionalism, which vigorously asserts that America is not only destined to be special (Hughes, 2003; Madsen, 1998; Tuveson, 1968), but that America is the chosen nation, with a mission to act as the force of good against evil (Judis, 2005; Esch, 2010). There is, however, a growing sense that America’s exceptionalism is in jeopardy (Packer, 2011; Bacevich, 2012; Lewis, 2012). Packer (2011), for example, argues that the narrative of America today is one in which, “Solving fundamental problems with a can-do practicality – the very thing the world used to associate with America, and that redeemed us from our vulgarity and arrogance – now seems beyond our reach.” According to this narrative, America’s exceptionalism is being torn apart at its seams.

via OhioLINK ETD: Hill, Megan Rose.

2013, Doctor of Philosophy, Ohio State University, Communication


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