LIARS Now Being Professionally Edited!

Isn't this just stupendously wonderful stuff! I can't wait for Obama to succeed!

I just couldn’t take the assaults on my writing-mechanics ‘ineptitude’ anymore, so I’ve ponied up the funds and am having LIARS – The News Industry professionally edited.  Readers, especially conservative readers, should not be forced to wallow through something resembling Obama’s Foreign Affairs Policies, or lack thereof.  The final product should be out early September.

I would like to thank twitterer ‘Readalot’ for his eye opening review, some of which follows.

“This writing travesty breaks every rule I can think of. Words are misspelled and misused, past and present tense are used in the same sentence and sentence structure is abysmal… Please author hire an editor, your story deserves it.”

I hope the editor has some success in remedying my slight oversights.  It should be ready second week in September (2014).



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