Excerpt: LIARS – the News Industry

Day of JudgementMANHATTAN, NY – The lone figure stood in one of today’s many empty, downtown, New York offices quietly watching the lobby entrance of World News Network headquarters through a set of field glasses. From the twenty-fifth floor of an adjacent high-rise, he was hidden from view by the one-way, mirrored, glass-skin of the building; he would go unobserved from offices in the neighboring buildings.

Derrick was dressed in business attire to blend in with his surroundings, a charcoal-gray suit, a paisley patterned tie and wingtip oxford shoes.

The long shadows cast by the buildings by the setting sun were beginning to give way to the approaching darkness. His cellphone, lying next to him on the desk, began to dance across the dusty surface with an incoming call, he picked it up and took a briefly look at the incoming number and answered in Arabic.

“ما هو وضعك؟”
(“What is your status?”)

An electronically altered voice responded.

“كل شيء أخضر للذهاب في واشنطن.”
(“Everything is green to go in Washington.”)

There was a brief period of silence followed by two audible beeps indicating the caller had disconnected the connection.

“One of the rewards in this line of work was seeing justice meted out to bad guys, especially those bad guys who thought themselves untouchable. Today, the once untouchable media would find out what that kind of justice looked like. Today, the power of the radicals running the Democrat Party might fall.”

Excerpt From: Frank B. Thompson, III. “Liars – the News Industry”

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