TT.61 Part One: Earth – June 2, 4521

Part One: Earth – June 2, 4521

Two enemy armies have landed on the continent and are racing to defeat the last democracy on earth, Australia. Female legionnaire, OCTAVIA TREBONIUS, is the first to encounter the waves of tracked tanks and her position is overrun soon after nukes are unleashed upon the frontier city. Octavia’s armored suit enables her to acquit herself with many kills before she’s overcome by shear numbers.

June 5, 4521

The enemy is at the walls of the capitol, the last reserves have been defeated attempting to stop the hordes. In a final moment of desperation, Australia’s premier military leader, Prefect AUGUSTUS TREBONIUS, dies alongside his Praetorians attempting to protect the Presidential Palace, there is no thought of surrender. His son, Centurion TITUS TREBONIUS, fighting alongside his father, is severely wounded, but is spared and posted to the auxiliary once healed and serves as common soldier in the shit-holes of the empire.

A fateful day arrives when Titus, and fellow Australian SCIPIO GAIUS, save the life of a prince traveling through the region, each is rewarded with a promotion to the ranks of armored legionnaire. Both Titus’ and Scipio’s combat expertise in armored suits set them apart and, once again, become noticed by the Prince during combat games. After a period of reconditioning to remove any memories of their former democracy, both men are transferred to the Prince’s Royal Body Guard and travel with him throughout the empire. The Prince, CHANG WONG, is low in the political hierarchy, but his skill as an administrator makes him much in demand.

Summer, 4526

Titus and Scipio follow the Prince to an unusual location, a remote island where a secret launch pad has been constructed and is now shooting materials into space for purposes unknown. Titus now commands his own contingent of the Prince’s Guard and has taken a personal hand in selecting his men and women. He watches, listens and discovers a space station is being built, an apocalypse is fast approaching, it will wipeout all life on earth. The royals plan to save themselves, leaving humanity to its own fate. Titus decides to take matters into his own hands, the space station will be taken by force. He has a fortnight to act, all former Australians on the island will be taken. All others, except for the Prince and vital personnel, will be terminated.

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