TT.61 Science Fiction

TT.61Genre: Military Science fiction, action, adventure, war

Like many “baby boomers” born in the mid-fifties, WWII and the atomic bomb played in indelible part in shaping my life and interests.  This was the golden age of Science Fiction with books like Starship Troopers and I Robot, movies like Forbidden Planet and War of the Worlds the rage.  It was also a time when former soldiers told electrifying stories of dreadful war machines they encountered on the battlefields of Europe sparking the imaginations of children like myself.  Those events set in motion a lifetime of fascination with military history and technology.  Now, on to the overview of TT.61…

A small valley on earth has become inhabitable, just in time for one of four manmade worlds carrying the last vestiges of mankind. There is more at stake than simple survival, what’s at stake is which evolutionary species of man will reclaim earth: a race of humans from the one planetoid, or misshapen creatures that turned to inbreeding and cannibalism over the millennia to survive.

TT.61 (TITUS TREBONIUS), one-hundred thirty years of age, looks no older than someone in their mid-30s. Titus is the sixty-first generation of men to carry the name and DNA of the original earthman, he has been genetically engineered to live a life in space: hairless, streamlined, sinewy, a vegetarian, he requires less oxygen, less food, heals rapidly. Titus remains one of the guardians of this world, asleep in hibernation for five-year periods to place less demands on a fragile ecosystem, only awakened early in times of emergency.

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