LIARS on Cloward-Piven

Excerpt From: Frank B. Thompson, III. “Liars – The News Industry” Free iBooks.

“Henry was like many young people who voted for Martinez little understanding what his policies would do to the economy and job market. Things were bad, they were going to get even worse, the Cloward-Piven Strategy the President and his party were following demanded the misery.

Henry and those young people like him remained blissfully ignorant of what was in point of fact happening and why. Most were schooled to believe in the utopian theories that at no time once held up in the real world. The trillion-dollar “Stimulus Bill” had done nothing to improve the country’s economic conditions as promised. Instead, the money was being pumped to the eleven percent of the American workforce that were unionized.

The things that history had shown would work, “Reaganomic’s” for instance, would never see the light of day. Keynesian Economics would continue to live on in spite of its failures. Young people like Henry never questioned the motives of the media, the young man unflinchingly believed whatever Deena Crawford (media establishment) had to say and who to blame.”

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