IMG_2645Wowser, the sensational piece of historical, fantasy, fiction hit the magic figure of 200 downloads June 23rd.  Three weeks later WTF? This is Utopia! hit the superkalafragilystic number of 300!  Yes, it may have had something to do with being free, but I’ll celebrate the number just the same.

Bye the bye, 53 Facebook likes tells me some of you are getting the intended laughs out of the jocular, future Valhalla of liberalism – referred to as asshatism, assclownism, goofnadism and something else in the book.  (See my satire site idiocracy.me for further details and definitions).

Help me drive up my one appreciable joy and sweetener for all those hours of toil and laughter I had to got through to scratch the thing out.  Go out and download another copy.  Make me even happier!

Depicted in the year 2050, an Ivy League English professor suddenly awakens from a thirty-year coma to find his liberal utopia has finally arrived… YEA!

Serial: WTF? This is Utopia!
Paperback: 262 page
Publisher: Amazon; 1st edition (August 26, 2013); umpteenth edition (July 10, 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 1492193054 ISBN-13: 978-1492193050


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