What are the Libs saying?

IMG_0857What are the heads of liberal-dumb saying about the book?

  • WTF? must never be read.  Doing so will make the oceans climb with the tears of the grizzlies.” Albert Gore, Jr.
  • “If the WTF? author were an underage girl, I would probably be hitting on her.” William Jefferson Clinton
  • “Hey Boss, have you seen WTF??  It’s scary how spot on…Oh shit, is this mic on?” Joe Biden
  • “I tried to read WTF?…only it did not have enough pictures.” Nancy Pelosi
  • “Nancy told me about WTF?, but I can’t read either.” Harry Reid
  • “I’ve instructed the Attorney General (Holder) to begin investigating anyone who has seen this book…in all 57 states.” Barack Obama




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