MH-60 Downed by Iranian Insurgents

Blackhawk Downed“NORTHEAST PROVINCE, IRAQ – 5:53 p.m. Baghdad Time.

Dusk of one more day was swiftly approaching in As-Sulaymāniyyah Province as the Blackhawk MH-60 and Apache attack-helicopter lifted off in clouds of swirling sand leaving behind the men of the border-outpost, “Fort Wilderness.” This was “Navaho Country,” a phrase coined by the Arizona National Guard Commander, Colonel Max H. Heston, to describe one of the wildest provinces in Iraq, a one-hundred, fifty-kilometer swath of mountainous terrain that offered an ideal place for outlaws, smugglers…and terrorists. Most of the contraband going through this region would ultimately wind up in devastating attacks on civilian and military targets. The President and the generals would be blamed for the carnage in the featured headline’s of tomorrow’s tabloids, it was a daily assault on both fronts.

The Colonel glanced briefly at his watch, it would be dark soon, then at the junior officer, Lt. Tim McFarland, rocking back and forth in a seated position across from him, fast asleep. The Lieutenant was a young man from Flagstaff, Arizona and represented the kind of American who enlisted following the harrowing attacks of September 11, 2001. The Colonel thought about[…]”

Excerpt From: Frank B. Thompson, III. “Liars epub July 7, 2014.” iBooks.



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