A New Majority

IMG_0856Excerpt: The magnificent human beings had succeeded beginning soon after amnesty was declared for tens of millions of low-skill, uneducated, illegal-aliens whose votes had helped them secure control over Washington.

Nevertheless, as they basked in the glow of their victory the monster they created grew in size and appetite. The beast was a new American majority: menial, uncultured, insatiable, lazy; but voters all the same, voters who devoured any and everything the politicians threw their way, nevertheless voters who always wanted more…and more…of the more!

It all of a sudden dawned on some of the geniuses…“What happens when our voters want too much more? What happens when we run out of more of the more…and there is no more? What happens then?”

WTF? This is Utopia…a cynical, satirical look at what waits us all, a future with many “unintended consequences,” the logical outcome of today’s progressive agenda, a future where the liberal panacea finally makes its presence known!


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