A New Day

Bubble CarsExcerpt:  The summer skies were cloudless, the birds were singing, the bees were buzzing, the dogs were barking and the patients in their fetid, stained gowns were shuffling around the hallways reeking to high heaven.

Outside the now rare spectacle of a jetliner crossed the sky leaving in its wake a white contrail. Use to be you could see those vapor trails everywhere crisscrossing the heavens. Now, you might see a single airliner once a month if you were lucky.

Wait! What’s that?

The familiar contrail turned a brownish color for a few moments. Was that smoke? Was the jetliner having engine trouble? No, there was the familiar white contrail, once more. What in the world was…Wait! There it is…again!

Hold on a second.

Sorry, the novelist forgot to clue me in on just what was happening to that airliner. Seems what looked like smoke, the brownish stuff, was simply the Department of Energy at work; an energy-saving measure allowing the airlines to simply dump (flush) the passengers’ cac (shit) into the heavens.



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