4571_85096931249_792926249_1787440_6431911_nWhy would anyone become a writer, fiction or otherwise?

For me, the answer was simple…I could waste time writing as a “stay-at-home” dad, while looking for a job, or I could waste time looking for a job…in this great economy of ours.

Why am I wasting my time?

When I did a little research on the occupation I was initially taken aback by the math…why would anyone pay for a degree that, for the majority, would max out around $60,000…in the best of years! Anyone jumping into this field with any expectation of making a reasonable income, say $100,000 a year, had to be delusional, the first clue that most might be liberals.

This field makes no sense unless a writer is: (1) a trust fund baby, (2) an idiot that does not have a real job and no trust fund, or (3) an idiot, moron who does not have  a real job, no trust fund and a college loan they have to pay back.  The only thing that could explain the irrational behavior…the majority of these nincompoops were, touchy-feely, do-gooders who wanted to change the world liberals!

Now, recognizing that most writers were probably liberals (#2 and #3 make up the majority), it only made sense that most publishers had to be liberals, too!  If most writers and publishers were liberals, then the colleges that spawned them had to also be liberal institutions. Recognizing that liberalism and common sense “do not” go hand in hand, I decided that whatever path they (other writers) were taking should be avoided…at all costs.

Another thing, I am constantly baffled by is how success is defined in this industry, as if by landing an agent, or better yet, a publisher are going to somehow make them rich and famous. No one ever hears of these people once their fifteen-minutes of “media-proclaimed fame” come and go…the hype quickly fades, replaced by the next best thing (another writer).

So, I won’t be one of the ones looking to land an agreement with anyone who can fog up a mirror and carries the title “Agent.” Likewise, I won’t consider a contract with any publishing house that can also fog up a mirror to be a sign of success.  No, my gauge for success will be the “KICK” readers get when they read one of  my ebooks.

What’s the downside for my arrogance?  There will be typos and grammatical mistakes (I proofread everything myself), so I am confident any liberal who happens to come across my “works of art” will find my shortcomings reassuring, especially if they’re still paying back their college loans.

What’s that?

Sure, I’ve tried using proof readers, but they always turn out to be…you guessed it, liberals, too! How many times have I heard…

“I just wanted to let you know I’ve gotten a job with the State, so I won’t be able to proofread your books (trash), any more.”


“I just wanted you to know I got a real job working at the university, so I won’t be able to proofread your novels (trash), any more.”


“I just wanted you to know I got a real job working for ACORN, so I won’t be able to proofread your rags (trash), any more.”

Anyway, that’s my tie-raid on the topic of writing.  Hope you’re one of the ones who gets what WTF? is all about…. Ditto LIARS and TT.61 when I get it out.

…and has quite a few laughs along the way.

Oh, and I’m a former software guy turned fiction writer who also doubles as a chauffeuring service, family gofer whose remaining time is spent traveling, going to the gym, taking tennis lessons, or typing away on my Macbook Air.  I’m a very typical ‘INTP’ who basically retired about the time Obama came to reign.