I am a decidedly rational person who became interested in writing during the fantabulous ‘Obama Years.’ I have pretty much followed the dictum espoused by author Stephen King who once said (and I am paraphrasing here), ‘I write first-and-foremost for my own enjoyment, then I water the work down so it has mass appeal.’  I have skipped the second part with my books.

The decision to write a book, or two, or three came to me a half-a-century ago when I discovered I might have the penchant for putting pen to paper.  I began writing in earnest after semi-retiring from the executive suite with LIARS the News Industry in 2011 followed by WTF! This Is a Liberal Utopia! (2014) and Barbarian King (2017).

LIARS the News Industry is about  news enterprises who have always represented the convictions and beliefs of their owner-publishers. Today this invariably means a hardcore liberal, but this was not always the case. There was a time when even the most liberal of rags, The New York Times, was once a conservative paper! Everything went up in smoke at the beginning of the twentieth century, a period when Progressivism first came to the fore, and helped by economies-of-scale, moved to consolidate power into the hands of a few. Unfortunately, they were leftists with socialist beliefs.  For more than a century they have been hiding their radical beliefs in the propaganda of their enterprises, their goal – to change the country. They have almost succeeded, they have a picked stooge of theirs in the White House. Will they succeed?

WTF! This Is a Liberal Utopia!  – Just what would America look like if the ‘kooks’ on the left gained permanent control over the country. Take a satirical look at what awaits us all if the touchy-feely liberals were to succeed.

Barbarian King – A surreal tale of our 44th President as he undertakes another wacky “Hope and Change” crack to alter the world, but in another dimension with like-minded knuckle draggers.

Obviously written for a certain breed of conservative, I hope you enjoy one or all of these books as much as I have had putting them to paper.

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